Green’s Nutrition’s location began as a Wells Fargo Bank, complete with a large vault.  Where Wells Fargo stored the money, Green’s now stores very precious herbs.


We have over 400 medicinal herbs in cut and sifted and powder form. Cooking herbs and spices, many rather unusual ones as well as the familiar, are also stocked.  You can purchase all of these bulk items by the ounce.

Also in the vault are many sprouting seeds and sprouting tools such as jars and bags.

Eunice Green, NHD is also an herbal formulator and her formulas are also available in the “herb vault”.

Some of her teas include:

  • Kidney Stone Dissolving Tea
  • Easy Movement Constipation Tea
  • Daily Detox Tea
  • Liver Cleanse Tea
  • Congestion Relief Tea

And…….there are Tinctures, such as Nerve Tonic and Menopause Formula (this is a very popular tincture in our store.)

The Herb Vault is a must see and an educational experience…

Chris Devincenzi is the herbalist that oversees the vault.

It is always a delight to come in and talk to him.


We order weekly, so our herbs are always fresh. We order from Frontier Cooperative and Starwest Botanicals - excellent companies with reputations for high quality.


A complete list of our herbs is available on our facebook page - click on this for our Bulk Herbs & Spices List.


Often people are not familiar with using bulk herbs and do not know how to make herbal teas from bulk-Green’s has a wide array of tea paraphernalia; tea pots, infusers, strainers, etc.

Once a month, Eunice and Chris hold a Herb Class for a nominal fee.

Please check our events calendar for the next class.






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