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Green’s Nutrition Center, formerly Lundy’s Nutrition Center, is your local community health center. We provide Stockton and the surrounding area with products and services that enhance health. We carry only the highest quality, researched supplements, bulk herbs and spices, skin care and natural foods - our grocery section is a must see.   

Green's has the largest inventory of bulk herbs and spices in the Valley.  We carry medicinal herbs in both powders, cut and sifted, barks, and roots.  We have a wide variety of culinary herbs and spices as well as some hard-to-find spices. They are fresher than you will find in the little boxes in the grocery store, as well as being more cost-effective.

Our supplements are top of the line, well researched and are the highest quality. 

Our staff is consistently involved with training programs from our vendors and they also are very proactive in studying on their own.

We offer health consultations, massage and other alternative and complementary healing modalities at the store.

As Green's, we love being "green" and invite you to bring in your empty supplement bottles for recycling. 

Meet Our Staff
Dr. Eunice Green -- Eunice purchased Lundy's Nutrition Center in 1995 and in 2004 changed the name of the store to Green's Nutrition. Eunice has a long history in the nutrition industry and in November 2006, received her doctorate in Natural Health. Dr. Green is available for nutritional consultations by appointment only.
Assistant Manager
Rebekah Robinson -- 

Rebekah has been with us since we bought the store in 1995; after taking a few years off to handle some family matters, she's back with us.

Rebekah  has a friendly personality and is very customer service oriented.  Rebekah has a lot of knowledge, not only about natural remedies for humans, she also has specailized in natural remedies for  your cats or dogs.  We call her our "Dr. Doolittle".

Customer Service Representative
Kolene Tanner -- 

As a mother of 13 children (all her own) and grandmother of 22 grandchildren, she is our resident expert on pre-natal, post-natal health issues, pregnancy and lactation. In addition, she knows a thing or two about children's wellness issues. She continues to study nutrition, child development and wellness,keeping up-to-date with the latest research. Her husband is a type 1 diabetic which has also added to her zeal for the knowledge of nutrition and wellness.

Chris Devencenzi -- Chris is in charge of our herb vault.  He has years of experience, working with herbs and is always happy to help and answer your questions.  Chris and Dr. Green also teach herb classes.
Customer Service Representative
Marandah Rayne -- Marandah brings 18 years of experience in the natural products industry. Having worked in the manufacturing, brokering, practitioner and retail side. She understands what makes a good product. She has practiced various diets - raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo. She loves talking to people.
Customer Service Representative
Toni Villanueva -- Toni has been with Green's Nutrition since May, 2013. Her mother instilled an interest in healing through natural means from an early age and her interest continues to this day. She is a valuable asset to our team.
Store Policies / Services
Products returned unopened within 30 days with a receipt, receive a full refund. Products returned without a receipt, exchange only. Bulk items that leave the store cannot be returned.
Credit Cards
We accept MC, VISA, Discover. We do not take American Express.
Personal Checks
Personal checks accepted with ID-any checked returned will be subject to a $10 fee.
Special Orders
Any product ordered that we do not normally carry must be paid for at the time of order.
Senior Citizen Discount
Senior Citizen Discount is 10% every day - 65 years young counts for the senior citizen discount! 
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