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We have the largest selection of organic bulk herbs & spices in the Stockton metropolitan area. Create your own tea, herb or spice combinations.
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Your Local Community Natural and Health Food Store in the Stockton Metro Area
Green's Nutrition

Located at 1906 Pacific Ave on the "Miracle Mile" in Stockton, CA. Call us at 209-464-5738

Go to our facebook page to check on the latest events - every month is filled with classes or demo days.

We pride ourselves on providing you with quality products and personalized customer service. We strive to answer your questions to help you make smarter and healthier decisions when buying natural products. We are here to help you!

~ Eunice Green, NHD
   Owner, Green's Nutrition

As your local community health food store and center, we carry the largest selection in the Stockton metro area of:

  • organic bulk herbs and spices
  • essential oils + doTerra + incense + sage
  • herb teas & tinctures
  • homeopathy products - for humans, children & pets
  • local honey & bee pollen
  • diatomaceous earth
  • local health & food products

Our friendly, informative staff can help you find the best products for your needs. We only carry carefully researched supplements, vitamins and whole foods products that work.

We also carry:
  • natural & organic grocery items
  • gluten-free products
  • skin & body care products

Dr. Eunice Green, owner of Greens Nutrition is available for nutritional consultations. Our herbalist, Chris Devencenzi can answer your herb questions. Massage and other healing modalities available on premises.

We have classes and events every month to help you become healthy and whole and better informed about how supplements, vitamins, herbs and healthy eating can help you thrive and feel better.

Health challenges, vitamin and supplement questions:
If you are facing a health challenge or issue we can answer your questions and give recommendations - with a combined experience of over 60 years in the nutrition, vitamin, supplement world we have seen it all.

The common reasons people come to the store is to receive help with health challenges such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insomnia or sleep challenges, blood glucose issues.

On the emotional front, we talk to people about depression, anxiety, short-term memory (brain functioning and health,) bedroom issues (erectile dysfunction), libido.

Seasonal issues include colds, flu, allergies (Stockton and the San Joaquin Valley is known for having high allergy levels.) and itching.

For men, their main concern when they come into the store are their libido, bedroom performance, testosterone levels and weight loss issues.

For women, their main concerns are about menopause, dysfunctional periods, pre and post-partum issues (such as milk production,) children's health, stress and insomnia.

What many people don't realize is that pets need supplements and remedies too - for similar type people problems. We have a line of supplements and homeopathic remedies that are safe and effective.

In The Store:
We carry a wide variety of products - not just supplements and vitamins, but skin and body care products, gluten-free and organic foods, as well footware and Dutch products (why dutch? - because our owner, Eunice Green has Dutch heritage and so if you've got a craving for something we probably have it.) 

History of Green's Nutrition
Eunice Green purchased Lundy's Nutrition Center in 1995 when it was on Waterloo Road and in 2004 changed the name of the store to Green's Nutrition. Lundy's Nutrition was originally owned by Lundy Anderson.
Rebekah, whom we affectionately call Dr. Doolittle, was with Lundy for 5 years and stayed on when Eunice purchased the store. She has been with Eunice for over 20 years and is very good with people and pets, creating formulas and using both Bach Flower remedies & homeopathic remedies.

The store moved to 1906 Pacific Ave, on the Miracle Mile on Feb 1, 2009. The building was built in 1929 and was originally Wells Fargo Bank. One of the bank vaults has become our well-known herb vault.

We started adding food & grocery products with the move and continue to add more items every month.

Serving the communities of Clements, Copperopolis, Escalon, Farmington, French Camp, Galt, Ione, Lathrop, Linden, Lockeford, Lodi, Manteca, Mokelumne Hill, Morada, Rio Vista, San Andreas, Seaport, Stockton, Tracy, Valley Springs and Weston Ranch.
At Green's Nutrition Store and Health
How do you reduce wrinkles and hydrate dry skin?
With Moana Organic Skin Care with marine glycans.
Moana Organic Skincare

Try Dr. Green's Congestion Relief Tea and N-Acetyl Cysteine
to help break up that mucus and get things going.
Dr. Green's Congestion Relief Tea

doTerra Essential Oils
Zyto Compass Bio-scanner - A unique technology that reads your body
and helps to determine the best essential oils to help balance your body, both physically and emotionally.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an all natural product with many applications. Drug and chemical free, it is safe to use, bugs cannot become immune to it.

Use food-grade diatomaceous earth for:

  • Organic Insect Control
  • Pets and Livestock
  • Human Use - detoxing, silica supplementation

From Us to You
April is IBS Awareness Month
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that affects the large intestine.

Back-to-School Tips … for Parents
A critical lesson for parents to master as their kids return to school: Cut them some slack.
Green's Nutrition Health Tips
Keep your body moving inside and out
Be sure that you keep your body moving inside and out. Those individuals that lead a more sedentary life often have more health problems. Circulation derived from exercise/movement is necessary to keep our muscles and bones strong, our organs healthy and our brains sharp. So, get up and move every 30 minutes if possible. If your schedule requires long drives stop and take a break. Bring along healthy snacks and water and take time to enjoy nature whenever possible. ... more

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