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Kidney Stone Dissolving Tea

Kidney Stone Dissolving Tea


Kidney stones can cause the worst kind of pain-I personally found that childbirth was a piece of cake compared to “giving birth” to a kidney stone.


After dealing with reoccurring kidney stones, I developed an herbal tea that produced  better results than all of the medical treatments that I had received from traditional medicine  throughout the years.

For optimum results I have since added a few more products that amplifies the results.


#1-Kidney Stone Tea-drink 4 cups per day until stone passes.  If forming kidney stones is a chronic condition, I would suggest that you drink one cup every day.  This tea is very effective for the entire urinary tract-it dissolves excess minerals in the urinary system.

#2-Marshmallow root tea-although there is some marshmallow root in the Kidney tea, an additional 1-2 cups a day is supportive in getting the stone to “move along” as it is a mucilage herb-it coats the urinary tract and makes it slippery.

#3-Chamomile-when dealing with the pain of a kidney stone, we have a tendency to tense up which make it more difficult for the stone to move.  Chamomile, a couple of cups/day will relax the urinary tract.

#4-Chanca Piedra-translates as “stone breaker”.  This is a well known herb that assists in breaking down the stone thus making it easier to pass.  A few drops in a very small amount of warn water, 3 times a day, can be very helpful in getting the stone to pass.


Although many people achieve results just drinking the Kidney Stone tea, utilizing all 4 products can even produce better results.

       Kidney Stone Dissolving Kit

       Kidney Stone Tea

       2 oz Marshmallow Root

       2 oz Chamomile


    Due to the special nature of these hand made blends, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

  • Instructions for Use.

    Instructions are included with each package. Keep teas closed and in cool dry area.

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