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Beat Holiday Stress with this Super Food!

Beat Holiday Stress with the "Super" Super-Food. Baobab powder is the fruit of Africa's “Tree of Life”.

It is a is a rich source of vitamin C and is also almost 50% fiber(both soluble and insoluble) making it a powerful prebiotic and contains more anti-oxidants that any other whole fruit.

In powder form it is a natural source of many nutrients and more bio-available than manufactured vitamin supplements as our bodies can absorb the nutrients more easily.

The top health and beauty benefits of Baobab:

1-Immune system-keeps it strong and supports our defenses against infections, diseases and other illnesses.

2-Slow energy release-it's a slow and steady release and sustains us for a longer period of time.

3-Blood sugar-because of the high fiber content it slow down the release of sugars into the blood stream, reducing energy spikes.

4-Absorption of iron-because of it being a rich source of Vitamin C, it is easily accessible to the body and helps to absorb nutrients.

5-Digestive health-Because of the high fiber content is enables food to pass through the gut more efficiently

6-Prebiotic-feeds the good bacteria in the gut

7-Radiant skin-because of it's high anti-oxidant content which help to give you glowing, radiant skin.

9-Alkaline-it is a high alkaline food

10-Pre/Post workout-reduces the oxidative damage that happens with exercise.

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