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Why Sprouts?

(Sprouting seeds, jars, kits are available at Green's Nutrition)

Sprouts are nutritious, living foods that are both delicious and versatile.

Nutrition: Sprouts have been called a miracle food and nature’s most perfect food. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and protein.

Sprouts are filling and also low in calories (a cup of alfalfa sprouts has under 20 calories). Bean sprouts have about as much protein as cooked meat. The living protein and presence of amino acids make the protein in sprouts easier to digest and more bio available than protein in meat, and of course, much cheaper too.


Fun: Growing your own sprouts is easy and fun and doesn’t take much effort. You can grow sprouts right on your kitchen countertop in only 3 days. Best of all there is no “in-season” for sprouts. Sprouts can be grown all year long. You don’t need a green thumb, any fancy or expensive equipment or specialized knowledge. Our sprouters and sprouting kits make sprouting a fulfilling and fun experience.

Inexpensive: Buying pre-grown sprouts in the grocery store is an expensive route. Grocery store sprouts can run as high as $1.50 per ounce. Growing your own, you can produce most sprouts for well under 10 Cents per ounce. It goes without saying that sprouts you grow yourself will be much fresher than anything you buy from a grocery store.

Food Storage: Add a sprouter and some sprouting seeds to your long term emergency supplies. If the worst happens, you will be grateful for an easy way to add healthy, green living foods to your diet.

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