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A Diabetes Miracle

One of the latest and greatest herbs that has become visible

in this country for dealing with diabetes is Hintonia latiflora.

Although it is quite new here, it has been clinically studied in

Europe for over 60 years.

In a study published in a natural medicine journal in Germany

in 2014, it was found to lower A1C values and fasting glucose levels. Participants also saw improvements in blood pressure, lipids and liver values. Even a small improvement in A1C can mean huge improvements in health. It can make a difference in the risk of cataracts, heart failure and the risk of amputation or death.

It works because of the compound in the bark, coutaraeagenin. It has the effect of keeping blood sugar balanced and decreases insulin resistance and improves the function of the pancreas. It also has been found to help stop gastrointestinal damage and gastric ulcers. It has been shown to work well with conventional medicines.

Along with a good regimen of diet, exercise and supplementation, this amazing herb may reduce your need for medicines. It has 6 decades of studies to back up these claims.

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