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It's Back to School Time

It's that time of year-Back to School and that means shopping, shopping, shopping. New clothes shopping seems to be #1, and school supplies come in at a close second.

Another area to consider is keeping you child healthy. Being back in school exposes kids to many different germs, stress levels often increase, homework and extracurricular activities result in lack of rest, eating unhealthy foods-and all of these things combined can lower their immune systems.

It is so important to make sure that your children are getting all of the nutrition that they need. It is impossible to follow them around to make sure they are eating nutritious food and not pigging out on junk food.

I highly suggest a good multivitamin to give them the foundation of nutrients. In addition I suggest Vitamin C for the antioxidants and helping to build the immune system. Enough Vitamin C can ward off colds or at least make recovery quicker. DHA is also a wonderful supplement to consider as it is the essential fatty acid for the brain.

We want those brains to be working at optimum levels.

So for Back to School shopping, don't forget to stop Green's Nutrition and stock up on the supplies to keep your children healthy.

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