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Pycnogenol for Dry Mouth

There are several causes of dry mouth, including impaired salivary glands, taking medications, and diabetes. This study covered 24 people with diabetes, and 24 without, all on standard dry-mouth treatments. Half of each group took 150 mg of Pycnogenol® per day. After two weeks, salivary flow and oxidative stress improved significantly in both diabetics and non-diabetics taking Pycnogenol compared to minimal improvement in those on standard treatment alone. Also, the number of mucosal breaks and ulcerations of less than one millimeter in length or diameter were significantly decreased with Pycnogenol. Doctors said Pycnogenol was safe, and may be a valid option for treating dry mouth.

Reference: Minerva Stomatology, December, 2019, 32052619, Published Online

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