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Healthy Women -Magnesium and probiotics improve women's health

Magnesium increased survival in postmenopause

Women in postmenopause are more susceptible than other male and female adults to heart and circulatory diseases, including sudden cardiac death. Magnesium is important for healthy heart function, and nearly half the U.S. population does not meet the dietary reference intake recommendation. In this study, doctors measured magnesium in the diets of 153,369 women and followed up for an average of 10.5 years. Overall, women who got the least, no more than 189 mg of magnesium per day, were 19 percent more likely to have died from coronary heart disease, and 24 percent more susceptible to sudden cardiac death, compared to women who got the most magnesium. Discussing the findings, doctors said adding magnesium to the diet, including magnesium supplementation, may be a simple, effective way to increase survival in postmenopausal women. Reference: Journal of Women’s Health; 2020, Vol. 29, No. 1, 7775 Probiotics reduce bacterial vaginosis

When beneficial and harmful bacteria in the vagina are out of balance, bacterial vaginosis can develop. In this study, 82 women who had cured bacterial vaginosis with metronidazole within the last 48 hours, took a placebo or multiple strains of lactobacillus, twice per day for the next seven days, and once a day from the eighth to the 120th day. By the end of the four-month study period, infection recurred in 18.3 percent of the women who had taken probiotics compared to 32.1 percent of the women taking the placebo. Doctors said bacterial vaginosis can affect women of any age, but is most common during the reproductive years, and that taking probiotics may help maintain a healthy bacterial balance. Reference: Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease; 2020, Vol. 24, No. 3, 284-9

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