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Carotenoids Protect Skin

Doctors now believe it is important to protect the skin from long-wave UV-A and medium-wave UV-B radiation with more than sunscreen. In this study, 60 people with fair to olive skin, who burned more or less easily, took a placebo or the carotenoids 4.25 mg beta-carotene, 1.1 mg alpha-carotene, 1.12 mg lutein, and 0.053 mg zeaxanthin, three times per day.

After eight weeks, and continuing through 12 weeks, those taking the mixed carotenoids saw significant protection from UV-A and UV-B light. As early as four weeks, levels of carotenoids in the epidermal—outer layers—of the skin had increased significantly in the carotenoids group. Reference: Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine; 2020, 12541, Published Online

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