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Curcumin Improved Brain Injury

Healing from traumatic brain injury (TBI) takes time, with low-level, chronic inflammation in brain fatty tissue a secondary injury. In this study, doctors measured levels of leptin, a hormone secreted by fatty tissue, elevated levels of which indicate systemic inflammation. The 62 men and women with TBI, aged 18 to 65, took a placebo or 500 mg of curcuminoids plus 5 mg of piperine, per day.

After seven days, leptin levels had declined by 47.1 percent for curcuminoids compared to 22.8 percent for placebo. Doctors said TBI is not just an acute event, but a chronic disease, and that curcuminoids may reduce secondary injury from chronic brain inflammation.

Reference: Phytotherapy Research; June, 2020, ptr.6749, Published Online

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