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Ashwagandha for Sleep

Ashwagandha improved sleep quality and mental alertness in those with and without insomnia. In this study, 40 insomniacs and 40 non-insomniacs took a placebo or 600 mg of ashwagandha per day.

After eight weeks, compared to placebo, both groups saw improvements in sleep efficiency—how quickly sleep came at bedtime, and how long it continued uninterrupted—total sleep time, and mental alertness on rising. Participants also had improved anxiety scores on a standard mood scale.

Although both groups benefited, those with insomnia benefited most. Ashwagandha was safe for all parti-cipants, with none reporting side effects, regardless of health condition or age.

Reference: Journal of Ethnopharmacology; 2021, Vol. 264, 113276


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