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CoQ10 and beta-carotene low in oral cancer

Oxidative stress, inflammation

This is the first study to measure antioxidant vitamin levels in those with oral cancer. Doctors in this study theorized cancer develops through oxidative stress and inflammatory processes linked to metabolic disorders.

Doctors measured CoQ10, beta-carotene, and metabolic factors in 194 people with oral cancer. More than half of participants had high blood pressure, blood sugar, and lipids; and abdominal obesity, regardless of the stage of their tumors.

Nearly all—94 percent—were deficient in CoQ10, and 46 percent were deficient in beta-carotene. Those with higher levels of CoQ10 or beta-carotene were less likely to have abdominal obesity, elevated lipids, or metabolic syndrome. Doctors also found, as the cancer advanced, levels of antioxidant enzyme activity decreased, and levels of inflammatory markers increased.

Discussing the findings, doctors said, “Since patients with oral cancer suffer from high oxidative stress and inflammation, supplementation with antioxidant vitamins such as ubiquinone (CoQ10) or beta-carotene could be beneficial.”

Reference: BMC Cancer; Article No. 310, 2020


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