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Synbiotics and probiotics improve symptoms in GI disorders

Synbiotics improve microbiome, reduce inflammation in colitis

When the large intestine has open sores, the condition is called ulcerative colitis, one of several inflammatory bowel disorders. While doctors don’t know what causes colitis, they believe it is likely due to an overactive immune response; creating an environment of chronic, systemic inflammation.

Synbiotics combine prebiotics like inulin, and probiotics like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. The two work synergistically to promote and maintain a balanced microbiome.

In this review of several studies, synbiotics significantly reduced the inflammatory factors C-reactive protein, tumor necrosis, and interleukin-1 and -10. The synbiotics also increased the level of probiotic microorganisms in the gut, and increased the level of anti-inflammatory factors in the body. An index of bowel habits also improved.

Discussing the results, doctors said synbiotics improved gastrointestinal conditions at the tissue and cellular levels.

Reference: Nutrition Reviews; 2021, nuab017, Published Online

Probiotics improved microbiome in CRC

To get an overview of the effect of probiotics on symptoms in colorectal cancer (CRC), doctors reviewed 23 random controlled clinical trials. In the studies, the most common probiotics participants took were bifidobacterium and lactobacillus.

Overall, doctors found consistent evidence probiotics improved quality of life, enhanced gut microbiota diversity, reduced post-operative infection and its complications, and inhibited pro-inflammatory cytokine factors.

In addition to these benefits, probiotics also reduced side effects of chemotherapy, improved outcomes in surgery, shortened the length of stay in hospitals, and decreased the chances of dying from CRC.

In discussing the findings, doctors said they observed the beneficial effects of probiotics regardless of the stage of cancer.

Reference: Nutrition Reviews; 2021; nuab006, Published Online

Reference: Nutrition Reviews; 2021, nuab017, Published Online


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