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Healthy Body - Vitamin D reduces urinary tract symptoms

Low levels are a factor

We now know that vitamin D is a hormone, with cell receptors throughout the body, particularly in the bladder, urethra, prostate, and pelvic-floor muscles. In this review of 23 studies covering 86,332 participants, those who were deficient in vitamin D, in placebo-controlled trials, were two to three times more likely to have lower urinary tract symptoms. In studies that observed populations over time, but did not treat or try to prevent urinary tract symptoms, participants who were low in vitamin D were up to 37 percent more likely to develop symptoms. Non-Asians, females, and those with urinary incontinence were more likely than other groups to develop symptoms when levels of vitamin D were low.

Discussing the findings, doctors said low levels of vitamin D were an important factor in developing urinary tract symptoms, and that vitamin D supplements consistently reduced these symptoms, and suggest doctors test for vitamin D levels when treating this condition.

Reference: Journal of Urology; November, 2020, 101097, 1441

#Vitamin D # Urinary tract infection


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