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Live with Omega-3

Many studies have found omega-3 health benefits, but this is among the first on lifespan. The largest to date, doctors combined data from 17 long-term studies following 42,466 people an average of 16 years.

Using the new Omega-3 Index, doctors found those in the 90th omega-3 percentile—about 7.6 percent in circulation compared to 3.5 percent in the 10th percentile—were on average about 13 percent less likely to have died from heart or circulatory diseases, cancer, or from all other causes combined.

The Omega-3 Index is a more precise measure of omega-3 levels than “diet record” studies that can only estimate EPA and DHA.

Reference: Nature Communications; 2021, Vol. 12, Article No. 2329, Published Online


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