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Healthy Circulation - Flavanoids are key

750-1,000 mg per day help ensure circulatory health

The heart must pump blood to the entire body, including distant, or peripheral, arteries in the arms, legs, head, and stomach. When fats and other substances build up on artery walls, blood flow reduces, leading to negative health outcomes.

In this study, doctors measured flavonoids in the diets of 2,131 people hospitalized with peripheral vascular (artery and blood vessel) disease (PVD). Compared to those with lower flavonoids in the diet—about 174 mg per day—those who got 1,000 mg per day were 32 percent less likely overall to have PVD; were 26 percent less likely to have hardening of the arteries, 28 percent less likely to have an aneurysm (weakening of the blood vessel wall), and 47 percent less likely to have any other type of PVD.

Discussing the findings, doctors said getting enough flavonoids in the diet may be a key strategy to ensuring healthy circulation.

Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; 2020, Vol. 113, No. 1, 187-9


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